Looking at the Piano

By Michelle Edward

Before you begin to play the piano, you need to become familiar with what the instrument is. Some pianos are upright pianos, which are usually large, heavy, tall vertical boxes. These are anywhere from 36 to 51 inches tall. Spinets are the shortest upright pianos, at 36 to 39 inches. A studio vertical is 44 inches or taller.

Then again you may get the chance to play on a grand piano, which of course usually sounds better. These are considered more horizontal pianos that are around 5-9 feet in length. You will also see that the strings are horizontal as well. If you look at a vertical piano the stings are set up in a vertical position.

The piano will have a music rack of some kind where you can put your sheet music. It may fold down or slide into a slot. When you are ready to play, put it into position. There should also be a bench for you to sit on. Adjust the position of the bench so that you can reach all the keys from one end of the keyboard to the other. Do not sit either too far or away or too close.

If you look below the keys around your feet area will be a set of pedals. No, this isn't the brake or gas, but they are considered to be used by those more experienced at playing the piano. Beginners need not apply, but the use is for sustaining sound or cutting them short.

The part of the piano that will be most important to your learning is the keyboard. It is made up of white and black keys which run from the left to the right of the piano face. These keys do not alternate white-black-white for the entire length of the keyboard.

If you look closely, you will see that the black and white keys form a pattern that repeats from one end of the keyboard to the other. The pattern consists of 7 white keys and 5 black keys in a particular order. From the beginning of one such set of keys and ending on the beginning of the next set, an interval is formed. Intervals are just the musical distances between two sounds. This particular interval is called an octave.

The keys are lined up on the keyboard in order from the lowest on the left to the highest on the right. Starting at the left and moving to the right, each black or white key is a half step higher in pitch than the key before it. For a full step, it is necessary to go up (or down) two half steps. Try some half steps and some full steps. With a little practice, you should be able to learn the sound of those intervals easily.

Try other intervals to hear their sounds. Always pay attention to how many half or full steps you are taking. Do the same intervals at several different places along the keyboard. Try octaves. You can do this by picking out a key and playing the next key up that is in the same position in the next pattern group. Soon, you will be playing octaves with ease. This is very important to all kinds of piano playing.

If you can get a better understanding for the piano in the beginning, it will be much easier to learn how to make music. In a short amount of time you will see yourself being able to play simple songs. All it takes is a little effort and drive on your part to make it all happen. - 32526

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Experience The Joy Of Playing Piano

By Michelle Edward

Well, since you're here we imagine you already know the excitement that revolves around being able to play the piano. Maybe over the years you've listened to some of the greats like Count Basie or Duke Ellington. Then again, you might enjoy modern players of today who have won the hearts of many.

One piano player who crosses many genres is Jim Brickman, who often plays his own compositions. Along with smooth jazz stations, Brickman's music is played on pop, inspirational, and new age stations.

If that isn't you, and you prefer more of the rock keyboard players, there are plenty available. Whether it's Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks, Dennis De Young or David Sancious, each one of them has played for popular artists. We're pretty sure you've heard of Yes, Genesis, Styx, Springteen, Santana or Sting right? Oh, and let's not forget the rock piano players like Elton John, Billy Joel, Carole King, Paul McCartney, and Carly Simon.

Often times we come across those who don't really like classical music. Its okay, when you're just listening there are several individuals who don't, but when you actually play a rendition of Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert or Brahms, you will definitely change your mind.

There will come a time when someone just like you may feel the need to emulate one of the individuals we mentioned above. Heck, maybe you'll be good enough to play in a band or work on a solo career. Even if this doesn't work out financially, it's always nice to be able to entertain yourself, your friends, and family members when they come over.

Seriously, there are several people who play the piano just to get away from everyday life, even if just for a moment. Being surrounded by notes and various sounds that are built from your fingertips is something everyone should experience once in their life time. It will allow you to focus your energy in a more positive tone and deliver a sense of relaxation throughout your body.

Those who enjoy playing can build this into a secondary or even full time income. Granted, some piano players earn very little, but there are others who enjoy unlimited financial gains if they are both talented and lucky enough to be seen.

You're going to need discipline though, which playing the piano can help out with as well. See, it doesn't matter what stage you're in as far as playing, because every level will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to work harder.

Learning to play the piano is easier in some ways than learning other types of music. With vocal music, you have to learn more carefully about pitch. You have to worry about being just a touch above or below the note. With a piano, the only way that would happen is if your piano is out of tune, in which case you just have a technician fix it.

What it comes down to is you should play the piano for your own personal fulfillment. You can take this as far as you want to go, but there will be a lot of work ahead of you. Don't worry, even all the greats started right where you are at the present moment. Just remember to have fun, learn to enjoy what you do with a piano, and let the music into your life. It will definitely change you. - 32526

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Getting Your Child to Play Piano

By Janice Corker

Playing piano is a great and subtle skill and one that takes many children years to master. It is both hard work and a labor of love to broaden my child's horizons. It will take a lot of careful thought to select the right piano instructor and get your son or daughter to actually play. If your child is young, he or she would rather play with their nintendo DS or PSP than learn piano. I hope that for your child he will be a good pianist some day, an nurture his or her creative talent. At the very least I hope your son or daughter has fun. Here are some of my experiences and tricks I learned to getting my child to play and practice.

Praise your little maestro often. Children are very sensitive and your kid is no excepton. I would often listen to my son play and look for genuine opportunities to compliment him. I felt it was important to praise my son often so that he could build up his confidence and enthusiasm for piano and become more involved with his music. My son is shy though so I made sure not to compliment him in front of others because he would get embarrassed.

Another element that was important to my child's development was sitting down and listening to him play often. I made sure I was there as his mother and not his teacher, smiling, listening and enjoying his music and not handing out criticism or lessons. This helped Brian enjoy his time playing and relax.

I also gave my son stars and other incentives for accomplishing certain skills while playing songs and his great music. Stars work great with some young children and my son was very responsive to them. You can set up your star incentives anyway you want. I gave Brian a sticker for every time he sat down at the piano, every time he played a song and every time he played his notes perfectly for his song.

Sometimes I let my son set the rules and tempo. It's important to change the pace and schedule sometimes so that piano music is fun and not another routine or chore. I found that sitting down with my son to set the schedule or rewards made his song recitals more enjoyable. It's also important in that your son or daughter will feel as if they are part of the decision making process as opposed to be told what to do.

As far as making piano fun is concerned play as many fun songs as possible. Let's face it, kids like to do fun things and piano should be nothing short of fun. My child for instance didn't like playing the classics or pounding away at the keys to work on his scales or music theory. Playing popular or more familiar contemporary songs makes the whole process more natural and likeable. I find that when the child plays a song that they recognize they will be more apt to practice it and improve upon it. While they do this their skills improve naturally. Following this approach enabled Brian to have more fun and gain more confidence because he was able to play songs that people recognize and were impressed by.

Also involve your piano teacher in such decisions so your are both on the same page. He or she is the one with the technical / musical expertise and will be spending most of the time going over the nitty gritty of piano and music. I think of my music teacher as Brian's partner and, knowing that becoming skilled at playing piano doesn't happen overnight, I make sure that there is always a positive interaction between Brian and his teacher.

As my son's musical skills improved, I saw that he became more confident about his abilities and chose more complex songs to play and practice. I don't expect my son to be the next Mozart but my hope is that one day he will have fond memories of our time together and hopefully give him the ability to express himself through the music lyrics and songs from his earlier days playing piano. - 32526

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Is Correct Fingering Important for Playing the Piano?

By Michelle Edward

Something I've noticed on many occasions is the fact that so many students tend to use awkward fingering when they play the piano. Of course I don't for a minute doubt that this is something which interests many beginners as well as those in the intermediate range.

Contrary to what you may believe, this is actually quite a controversial subject.

There are people who strongly believe in proper fingering for piano pieces. There are also those who are firm believers in free-style fingering.

So, let me go ahead and discuss how I feel about this issue.

Though the length of fingers differ from person to person, we all have thumbs that are shorter than the rest of our fingers.

Also, the thumb is usually the most powerful finger we have, followed by the index finger and middle finger, and it's these three figures which are the most used when it comes to playing piano.

Here are some tips concerning fingering which you should certainly consider:

1. The thumb should never be used for playing a black key. The only exception to this rule is when you: a) Play a musical piece which only has black notes. b) When you play a piece where they are black and white keys.

Thumbs are not meant to be used for black key because of its length.The most used fingers for black notes are the 2nd and the 3rd fingers. If you are playing certain scales that start with a black key such as Bb major, Eb major, Ab major, etc. You will use 2nd or 3rd finger to play the first scale note instead of the thumb.

2. If you're playing a melody with your right hand and there are certain keys which are out of reach, then by all means, you can go ahead and move your hand to play the note. In fact, if the key is only a few steps down from the thumb, then you can use the thumb as an anchor well you cross the second finger over in order to reach the note on the left hand side of your thumb. Rather than moving your hand, you simply move the second finger over.

As soon as the second finger has played the key, you'll notice that your thumb will immediately follow across in order to play the other note situated on the left of the key.

3. This same rule applies to the left hand.

4. Whenever you have an opportunity you should watch experienced players, and you should pay particular attention to their fingering. Ideally, you should try to watch those who have plenty of experience in playing classical music; because you can be rest assured that they've spent several years going through the necessary repertoires. Of course, you should also try to imitate their finger movements.

Important note: The purpose of good fingering is to guarantee "smoothness" in musical passages.

This is especially important in the piano work of Bach (prelude, fugues, and others) and many Classical composers. Very often, a slight change in piano fingering could cause a disruption of the whole phrasing. For improvisational and accompaniment pieces, strict piano fingering becomes less critical. In fact, every time I improvise I use different fingering combination. This is because my mood and rhythm change when I improvise, this also affects the combination of fingers I use.

You'll also notice a change of fingering if you look at musical pieces which have been edited by different editors. For example, you'll notice that fingering suggestions for the "Sonatina" piece composed by Clementi, can vary quite dramatically depending on the different editors.

To end off: you can pay less attention to which finger you are using if you're improvising, providing you apply the rules which have been discussed above.

Remember, if you become too radical with regards to fingering, there's a strong possibility that it will distract you enough to interfere with the flow of your music. After all, playing piano is all about conveying music, and your aim should always be to maintain a steady, smooth flow. Lastly, always make sure that the pedals are being pressed at the right time. - 32526

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How Can I Learn To Play Blues Piano?

By Michelle Edward

Though it seems difficult, the truth of the matter is that learning to play the piano is simply a matter of time and persistence. One of the big reasons to love the piano is thanks to how versatile it is. For instance, if you want to learn how to play blues piano, you will find that it is simply a matter of learning how to control the style to your satisfaction!

In the first place, think about what blues piano is. It is essentially a music style, and once you have learned how it works, you will find that you have a great head start on learning other piano styles. What are the tips that you are going to help you?

If you want to play blues piano, start by getting to know the 12-bar blues. This is the progression that is essential for playing the blues. To begin, make use of seventh chords. When a song is broken into three set, each set will have four bars. Play the song in the C key, and then use I tone show off the tone in the C key. Then the IV tone will be F while the V tone comes out to be G.

This means that the initial set is going to be played as I, I, I, I. After that, you have the next set played with IV, IV, I, I. Finally, you will have V, IV, I, I. You will use your right hand to play these three sets, and get used to mastering the seventh chord.

As you start with your left hand, use the eight note pattern. This pattern uses I-III-V-VI-VIIb-VI-V-III. As you play the C chord with your right hand, you will be playing C-E-G-A-Bb-A-G-E. When you turn to the G chord, you will be using G-B-D-E-F-E-D-B, while the F chord uses F-A-C-D-Eb-D-C-A.

Try to examine the chords and notes played both by the left and right hand. If you already know the different piano chords and notes, learning blues piano can be very easy. Before anything else, you will have to master 12-bar blues in the key C. Once you've mastered it, you can try playing it using other keys.

When you are looking to create a thorough foundation in playing piano, make sure that you take some time to learn the blues. You will find that learning the style of the blues will allow you to cross over to just about any style of genre of music that you are interested in, and this can make your subsequent lessons much easier. Just remember that it takes practice and time, but that you are going to be able to delight crowds and audiences of all ages and types if you can play smoothly!

When you are looking into how to play blues piano, make sure that you find a good teacher. If you cannot travel for lessons, look into CD or DVD programs that can get you where you need to go. Online piano lessons or a piano guide book can help you along as well. When you want to master your lessons, take some time to look into what you can invest in learning about it.

When you want to make sure that you are going to be able to play the piano, you will find that time, effort and investment are necessary. Think about the styles that you want to conquer and what they might mean for you! - 32526

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Music Lessons Offer Many Great Benefits For Children

By Adriana Noton

Children are great and you want to keep them that way. As a parent or teacher, you want to give them all you can in life to help prepare them for whatever life happens to throw at them. It might be somewhat surprising to know that there many children thrive from having music lessons. Let us help you look at music lessons for children - benefits to help you understand what they can do for the children that are in your life.

When you look at psychology with children, they talk about a lot of different areas that need to be worked with throughout life so that it can fully develop. The cognitive development is the way they think. You need to work on their senses and attention. As well as work with the motor skills. Music helps a child do all this as they learn to play a musical instrument or sing.

Those who are into music do well when it comes to the two areas that a normal child struggles with on tests. These are the math and the verbal portions of tests. It is shown that children who are doing music lessons score better points on these areas. What parent would not want that? As these are the two areas that kids mostly struggle, it is nice to know that there is some hope for them.

Those high school students who struggle with math might benefit from this as well. As we all know, math gets more complicated in middle and high school. Those kids who have played an instrument while in high school has been said to have done better in math by the time they graduate.

Those who have had the music programs throughout their life have said it has helped them. It gave them motivation to stay in school. Though they did not fully understand math and reading, music and the arts program gave them something to keep them going.

There was even a study done to show the social impact that music lessons have on the social well being on children. These were even more amazing. Studies have shown that children who do music lessons often stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Studies have also shown that the simple music lesson can help a child when it comes to racial injustices, fighting, and boosts ones self esteem. This are all things that a child wants to learn to deal with, but in ways we cannot teach it. They have to learn how to deal with it. Many do this by putting the anger and the negative feelings to music.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can happen from the simple use of allowing one child to do music lessons. Sure kids might give up on it like they do other things, but it is your job to encourage them to stick with it. Look at all the reasons one should feel honored to. If you do not believe us look at what the Board of Education has done to seek these benefits. - 32526

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What Is Rocket Piano?

By Tony Jallit

Rocket Piano is ready for download and is the most popular online piano course. Rocket Piano has several features, with the most important being the ability to gain instantaneous access, meaning that you don't have to wait to play the piano if you don't want to. So you have no excuse to wait.

Rocket Piano is made by professional Ruth Searle who possesses over fifteen years of experience.

She is a trained piano player who could play in various styles like jazz, pop, blues, rock, and gospel.

The Rocket Piano program provides her as your very own private piano teacher. One of the greatest things regarding Rocket Piano is that it is a tiny one time cost which equals a lifetimes of lessen not similar to a normal piano teacher on a schedule where you pay them every time you take lessons from them. You only need to pay out one time instead of for each lesson from a traditional piano instructor.

Local teachers often use old and inefficient teaching ways. Ruth Searle is a wonderful teacher who follows the latest teaching methods that enables you to learn playing the piano much faster and with greater ease too.

The makers of Jamorama, one of the most popular online guitar lessons, have come out with the new concept of Rocket Piano. Online self learning can set a standard with the new brand products for piano players.

The Rocket Piano Jazz Book breaks up each song bit by bit making every song easy to learn. There is plenty of content that comes with Rocket Piano. But all the lessons are step-by-step piano lessons backed up by video and audio files. These lessons are very easy to follow and they will take any novice player to advanced the fastest way possible. The key Rocket Piano's success is by make learn fun and easy to remember. Once you start using this unique system you'll be hooked. This product covers everything you can think of like learning how read sheet music, the piano chords, the piano tabs and much more. Rocket Piano is THE most elite professional and fun to use piano course on the market for its price. If you want to improve you piano skills then I highly suggest you take. It would be to good to pass up if your learning to play. The program contains a very valuable learning exercise e-book and 2 additional e-books on Jazz and Gospel piano.

It will be very easy to maintain this program the more you use it as you will learn quickly. Depending on your use, it's possible to become a pro in as little as five months. I believe internet piano lessons are an ideal method of learning since you can move at an individual rate without getting hurried and Rocket Piano is the greatest piano class I know of. With games to the times when learning and comprehensive-3 sound files and more you can not beat it. The $40 price tag is extremely affordable. Visiting a professional piano class will cost hundreds for two months. If you are not satisfied there is a 60 day guarantee. For more data on picking the greatest piano assistance plan online go to learn-toplaypiano.com - 32526

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Phoenix Pool Table Movers Offer Full Service Local Moves

By Amy Cunningham

If you are planning to move in the near future, you probably are cringing. Moving can be so time consuming. It's a very big job. Why not let pool table movers do most of the work for you? Ask about a full service move.

Packing your closet can be very time consuming. How on Earth is one supposed to know what to do with all of those hanging clothes? With a full service move, the pool table movers bring special boxes called wardrobes. These are heavy cardboard boxes that have a metal rack suspended at the top to hold everything on hangars. Approximately 2 or 3 of these boxes will be used for each closet. They are also ideal for shoes and bags.

They will also have extra wardrobe boxes to use for your bedding and pillows or children's toys. Most Phoenix pool table movers will not charge you to use these boxes. Wardrobe boxes are usually available for purchase if you wish to unpack yourself later.

Full packing is a nice option to receive when you move. Packing the kitchen can be very time consuming. If you packed yourself, you would probably use newspaper and end up getting your hands and dishes dirty. The pool table movers bring white paper by the pound to do this job correctly and they also bring special dish pack boxes to pack things in. The dish packs are very strong boxes.

Disassembly services are another very helpfull option you might want to receive. Most beds need to come apart and that job could take you hours. The pool table movers will have large blankets to wrap the pieces in so they don't get scratched. Many types of furniture need to be taken apart for different reasons. Sometimes the furniture won't fit through the door, other times it is safer to move the furniture in pieces. pool table movers can also remove your wall fixtures, curtain rods and lighting fixtures if needed.

You will have many bulky and fragile items that will be hard for you to wrap. This includes glass pictures and mirrors. The pool table movers will bubble wrap each picture and mirror and then place them in generous sized picture boxes. Depending on how many pictures you have and what the sizes are, they may be able to fit up to 5 in a box.

The materials are extra and a full service move will cost more. Because the pool table movers are doing everything, your move may take a couple days. Your move will be expensive and the moving company will want to make sure that you are treated well. You are likely to receive the best crew member the company has. If your move is an employer paid relocation, be sure to ask your Phoenix pool table movers about a full service move since these types of move are usually reimbursable. - 32526

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Ways to Keep Your Piano Clean without Damaging it

By Adriana Noton

Those who have a piano know what a joy playing it can be. Learning to play the piano is a tradition in many families that is passed down from generation to generation. Much like any other musical instrument, one has to take care of it to ensure it lasts. One such method of care is regularly cleaning the piano without causing any damage.

The following is list of tips on how to keep your piano clean without damaging it:

1. Over time, piano keys, especially those made with ivory can accumulate dirt and oily fingerprint stains. Use a lint free cloth to wipe the keys.

2. Use a soft cloth that has been dipped in a mixture of warm water and a gentle soap or white toothpaste for washing ivory keys. For plastic keys, use warm water mixed with vinegar. Make sure the cloth is damp, not soaked, as you do not want any solution running in between the keys and into the piano. A mild soap or moist cloth with dish detergent can help remove tough to clean stains.

3. Completely dry the keys with a soft dry cloth. If you are using white toothpaste to clean the ivory keys, you can remove the toothpaste after rubbing by wiping the keys with a soft cloth that has been dipped in milk. It is better to use milk because chemicals from cleaners can damage the keys.

4. When cleaning a piano's wood finish, gently wipe the piano with a soft lint free cloth. Then use soft cotton that has been dipped in warm water to wipe down the piano. Make sure the cotton is moist, and not soaked.

5. Use a piano polisher to polish the piano. There are special polishes for pianos that are designed not to damage the piano. Do not use any aerosol spray that contains chemicals such as silicone as they can damage the piano.

6. To reduce the amount of dust from accumulating on the keys as well as any damage from occurring, keep the keyboard cover closed when not in use. As well, keep the keys out of the sun as it will yellow the keys.

7. Use a humidifier to keep moisture from getting inside the piano. High humidly can damage the piano and cause changes to its tuning. As well, the strings can rust when there is moisture.

Regularly wiping the piano with lint free cloth will help prevent dirt and dust build up. Don't clean the inside of the piano because it contains a mesh of strings, sensitive components, and components that can move and break easily. Hire a professional piano technician as they can clean it without causing any damage.

Pianos have become a well loved addition to millions of homes. To keep your piano in good condition and the tuning at optimum levels, it is recommended that you regularly maintain your piano with proper cleaning methods and have it serviced by a professional. It will help you enjoy this wonderful instrument for many years. - 32526

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Phoenix Pool Table Movers Offer Full Service Local Moves

By Amy Cunningham

Anyone that has ever moved knows that moving can be a lot of work. There is so much to do. Did you know that Arizona pool table movers offer full service moves? You won't have to do much because they can take care of it all!

Part of a full service move means having the pool table movers empty your closets. They will hang your clothes nicely into wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes with handles on the sides and a metal bar at the top to accommodate your hanging items. The pool table movers will bring approximately 2 to 3 wardrobe boxes for every closet and have plenty extra on the truck. The pool table movers will put any shoes or purses at the bottom of the box to keep your closet items organized.

They will also have extra wardrobe boxes to use for your bedding and pillows or children's toys. Most Phoenix pool table movers will not charge you to use these boxes. Wardrobe boxes are usually available for purchase if you wish to unpack yourself later.

You can also receive full packing with your full service move. This means someone will actually open up your kitchen cabinets and take everything out. They will use special white paper (not newspaper) and carefully wrap your china. Next, the pool table movers will pack your china in special double walled cardboard boxes called dish packs. They are special boxes designed just for dishes. China should never be packed in boxes that are too large or too flimsy.

Other things you may want your pool table movers to take care of will be furniture assembly. They will bring special tools to take apart bed frames and other furniture that needs to be broken down. They will wrap the parts up with furniture pads to protect them. They can even unhook your major appliances and remove your curtain rods if your wish.

You will have many bulky and fragile items that will be hard for you to wrap. This includes glass pictures and mirrors. The pool table movers will bubble wrap each picture and mirror and then place them in generous sized picture boxes. Depending on how many pictures you have and what the sizes are, they may be able to fit up to 5 in a box.

Packing supplies are always extra and a full service move will cost more. If you are a parent with small children, you will definitely appreciate paying the extra money. Since the pool table movers are doing almost everything, your move may need to be divided into several days. Also, if you are moving for your company and you are being compensated, most employers pay for full service moves, so don't forget to ask your Phoenix pool table movers for a quote that includes full service. - 32526

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You need a good Arizona Mover For Your Piano

By Ann Hardy

If you are planning a move, it is important that you do what is necessary in finding the best Chandler moving company for the job. The truth is, you are entrusting strangers so if you are goods. You have no doubt heard of horror stories when it comes to moving. People often lose things, including valuable items during transportation of their items.

You may easily come across some piano movers who move so quickly and not give any attention to your furniture. Often, consumers are left with furniture that has been damaged. Some may not be bonded companies and allow anyone to come into your home, without even doing a background check on their employees. Having said that, you can easily get an ex con moving your furniture.

Therefore, you must be very knowledgeable about the industry and make educated decisions regarding the piano movers, you will be using. Finding the best may cost more, but you will be in good hands. You must act responsibly. Getting recommendations from associates or friends is always good practice.

Before hiring a moving company, do a little background check on the company itself. You can call the Better Business Bureau or even a trucking Association that may be able to help you with some kind of information. You will need to judge them on several issues. For one thing, you have to see if there are any complaints filed against them. The more complaints they have, the more you should steer clear of them.

You must ensure that the company you are mandating for your move is bonded. If not, furniture that is damaged, but missing valuables and the like may not be covered.

Aside from that, you'll have to schedule the moving date. In doing so, you'll also have to let them know how big your home is, if you have any oversized furniture that may pose a problem, and other such things. Furthermore, you will have to decide how much time you'll need these piano movers for. They generally bill, you for the amount of time to be with you and have a minimum fee.

So, prior to them arriving at your doorstep, make sure that you have valuables and small electronics, as well as small items packed away. You may also want to consider moving those items separately on your own. It may be wiser for you to move them, to ensure that they arrive at your new location safely..

Many unsuspecting consumers have been robbed by piano movers over the years. If you should experience something like this, you certainly won't be the first. However, if you are completely organized, nothing will distract you. That will leave you and your friends or family to supervise the piano movers and your valuables.

If you are diligent and careful, as well as organized, your move will go over very smoothly. You have to understand that while there are some seedy characters out there, you will be able to find professional piano movers that will give you excellent service all the while taking care of your goods. - 32526

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