Piano Improvisation Lessons - 3 Methods to Master the Techniques of Improvisation

By Jess Kasey

In this article we will look at piano improvisation lessons and 3 steps you can take to master some basic improvisation techniques. It doesn't really matter what kind of piano lessons you take or even how often. What is important is what you do during your practice. The three steps below will help you implement the improvisation skills you are learning

1. Practice: You aren't going to improve without practice, but a lot of people think they can get by without it. Learning improvisation is no different than learning other skills like reading or playing a piece of music.

The amazing thing about practice is that you don't even notice the small improvements you make until suddenly you can play something that only a moment ago you couldn't. It is almost like magic. Every day that you devote to learning something will bring you closer to your goal and a lot of times it happens faster than you thought it would.

2. Small Sections: Sometimes when people are trying to learn a song, they make the mistake of running a piece from start to finish. When you break things into sections, it becomes much easier to learn and improve on a piece. Your brain and fingers can process things better when broken into bits, this will also cut your learning time in half.

When you want to learn how to improvise, using this same theory will work best for you. Choose a type of improvisation and master that skill before moving on to a different kind of improvisation. Before you know it you will know multiple ways of improvising and you'll always have something you can play at the piano.

3. Repetition: Want to learn something and learn it fast? Repeat it over and over again. This is monotonous and most people don't want to take the time to do it, but it can make all the difference. Repeating something naturally will embed it into your brain and your fingers and you usually don't even notice that it is happening.

Go over a section enough times until playing it is as natural as breathing. When you have done this, you will be able to play something without even thinking about it. It is magical sometimes to witness yourself playing something almost outside of your own body.

This article discussed piano improvisation lessons, how to get the most out of them and the best 3 steps that will allow you to master the techniques of improvising. Practice, break things up and repeat, a lot. Focus on these three steps and implement them while you are learning, in no time at all you will be improvising pieces with ease.

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