Effective Ways To Determine Piano Notes Without A Tutor?

By Jason Fowler

To learn how to read piano notes it is critical to learn some basic concept. Nothing to complicated, sufficient so you know what the notes are called. There are many ways in which you can learn to play the piano. There are mentor books for beginners and there are piano courses that you can download to your PC.

Tutor Books Vs Piano Courses

Tutor books are potentially the cheapest option and it is possible to learn to play the piano with this strategy. However, they are truly designed to be used by a piano teacher with a pupil. Unless you have some basic know-how about music, it is possible to pick up some unacceptable habits, which you may not be straight away aware of. A teacher would prevent this before it starts.

A piano course or piano lessons software is obviously the better option. Many of those courses include audio and video files, which can literally show you how to play the piano without those nasty habits, which many learners can pick up without the correct direction.

Look, listen, copy and play

Most piano learning courses come bundled with lessons that may take you from beginner to complicated. The simplicity of how these courses are laid out is one of the explanations they have become so successful. The video and audio files are the key to your success. You just copy what's on the video or audio file till what you are playing matches what's being shown and that's it, move on to the next lesson. Don't expect to learn to play overnight, it's a gentle process and the piano software system is almost like having your own private piano teacher 24 / 7.

Whichever technique you choose, attempt to make your practice time a habit. If you were going to a piano teacher, you would need to practice each day. You must do the same if you plan to learn by yourself . All beginners need a minimum of 30 minutes per day learning and practice time, anything after that's just having a great time time. - 32526

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