The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Music Sheet

By Nathaniel Deleon

What's a Guitar Tab

A guitar tab is a method of writing music. In this technique of writing music, letters and numbers are prominently used to depict notations rather than staff and quotes. The guitar tab sheet customarily looks like this :







In a guitar music sheet, the notation that's to be played is denoted by a number, that indicates the number of fret, where the notation needs to be grasped. The E notation string, is the thickest string as well as the first string on the guitar, and the rest of the strings follow.

While playing with the help of a guitar tab notation, one has to refer to suitable fret number and string that has to be played. An important part of playing process is coordinating the playing hand, i.e : the striking hand and the hand on the fret board.

What's a Guitar Chord Sheet

A crucial technique that needs to be followed, while reading a guitar sheet, is the method of chords or a chord sheet. This strategy is particularly useful for guitar players who also sing while playing. The following is an illustration of the famous song 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam.

G Em

Oh where, oh where can my baby be?


The Lord took her away from me.

G Em

She's gone to heaven so I've got to be good,


so I can see my baby when I leave this world.

This idea is rather tricky to grasp, as the music sheet doesn't indicate the quantity of times the stipulated chord must be played. Understanding the beat and bar of the song, and feel the emotion of the lyrics, becomes very simple with this, if one wants to just read and practice the chords.

A lot of practice is required to master the guitar music sheet drafted in a tabular or a tab form. It is also vital to understand which scale and chord is being played in the song. Many a times a point comes that guitar players start playing the tune as fast as they hear it. This can be done just when the player starts recognizing chords and scales. Hence, listening to the first song attentively, helps at length. - 32526

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