How To Tune A Guitar Through Hearing

By Nathaniel Deleon

Tuning a guitar without a guitar tuner is an easy task. There are several ways that can be used for guitar tuning. However , for newbs it is advised to user a chromatic tuner for tuning your guitar as you are in the original stage of understanding the different guitar sounds which have to be accurate.

Tuning the Guitar - The fundamentals

If you're an amateur in playing the guitar, you need to tune the guitar to standard tones. The 6 strings need to be set to the standard E, A, D, G, B, E pattern of tones.

Alternate ways to Tune a Guitar By Ear

A Web Guitar Tuner

If you do not have a chromatic tuner, you can use your computer and speakers for online tuning. This is one guitar tuning system using the ear. There are many websites which provide online tuning facility. Simply go to any such website, decide on the tuner, click any of the 6 strings shown on the PC monitor, listen to the sound correctly, and start tuning the same string on your guitar.

A Keyboard

If you are thinking the way to tune a guitar by ear, using the keyboard or piano is another good strategy. Play a note on the keyboard, hear the sound with concentration, and tune the respective string on the guitar to the note that is being played. For confirming if the guitar is tuned you can play a chord on the keyboard and then on the guitar and check for any sound divergences.

A Song

A song may also be used for tuning the guitar. Except for this type of tuning by ear, you should be certain about a song being in a specific universal scale. If you are sure that the song is in a specific universal note, play that song and tune any of the guitar strings. After your get the universal tone on any one of the guitar strings, you can tune the remainder of the strings accordingly . It is better to select a song that's in the note which can be played open on any of the guitar strings. An example will make you better understand. If you're certain that the tune is in the 'E major' chord, play that song, and tune the 1st or the 6th string to that major note of that song. After you get the 'E' note on the guitar, you can then tune the remainder of the strings simply. - 32526

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