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By Willie Hundsuckles

Moving must be one of the hardest jobs in the world. It is doubtlessly, one of the most dreaded chores for all the people I know. But, if you feel desperately challenged with the prospect of having to move, rely on Austin Movers to keep your furniture and other valuables safe. Gentle handling is what you want.

Moving can drive families to fight, pull out each other's hair, and scratch out each other's eyes. Tempers flare so easily when trying to move all the "junk" families can accumulate over a certain amount of years. Packing, loading and moving your stuff is great but, would it not be better to let someone who knows their business move your things for you? Who wants to deal with all the headaches any way?

Of course, you love all the items and devices you have within your walls. You paid good money for them and you want them to live long lives. Toys, electronics, tools, appliances, pictures, and knick-knacks cover your walls, shelves and table tops. You do not want them to be hurt in any way. You also want movers who will do the job for the least amount of money.

Give yourself time to contact several different movers in the Austin area. The phone book, the Internet and word of mouth are fantastic ways to gain information. You do not want to wait until the last minute to contact these companies. Be sure to make a list of all the questions you wish to ask. Nothing is too silly. If you feel demeaned in any way, go to another company. You should always be comfortable with those with whom you deal.

Never, ever do business with any company which does not have written contracts. This is very dangerous. If they refuse to give you a written contract, take your business elsewhere. If something happens and furniture or other items get damaged you will not have any option for reimbursement. Contracts are very important.

Some individuals do not realize there are actually moving consultants who will come to where you live and help you with any aggravating parts of your moving experience. You can communicate your nervousness about certain elements of your belongings being moved and learn what will work best for your circumstance.

Try to make the best of your situation. Moving can be a pleasant experience, if you will take the time to make it so. Make sure your route is mapped out and emergency preparations have been made. You can never be too careful, you know. Be safe and informed. - 32526

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