How to Strengthen Memory and Learn to Play Piano Chords

By Erik Thiede

A powerful memory paired with a lot of practice is essential for you to learn to play piano chords effectively. If you want to be a skillful pianist, you must always make time for practice and continuously develop your ability to recall the music you've just played. In doing so, you are allowing yourself to learn and, more importantly, retain the skill you want to be good at.

Musical geniuses are born and they go on to become excellent mentors for beginners. The truth is, not everyone is distinctive like that. However, there are many great pianists who've come and gone that weren't brilliant just because they were born with it. They were able to learn to play piano chords and achieve a lot by making the most of their brain power and practicing every chance they had.

Here are 5 things you can do to enhance your memory and, in due course, experience advanced learning:

1. Take it nice and slow. Patience definitely pays. The ability to play the piano perfectly takes time. You could be learning fairly quicker than your peers, but if you constantly rush into things, they could overtake you just like that. If you really want to learn to play piano chords by memory, make sure to slow it down a little, and just enjoy the music.

2. Begin with less complicated musical pieces and work your way toward more difficult ones. Your brain retains knowledge better if they are chopped up into smaller bits. It's cool to learn popular pieces by Bach, but it's best to start small. That way, your brain quickly picks them up and you can move on to bigger, more challenging pieces as you progress.

3. When in doubt, keep it simple. To stress on the second item, keeping it simple as you start out will develop the brain slowly but surely. Learn to play piano chords one chord at a time. Then, combine them to make thicker melodies. Your brain will be able to retain all the chords that way, you'll see.

4. Practice visualization. It would do your memory a lot of good if you can visualize playing chords and notes. It's just like imagining the music. If it helps, you can even play on an imaginary piano and learn to play piano chords that way. You can do this for brain stimulation even if you're away from the piano.

5. Take a break. If you're in it for the long haul, it would be best to take sufficient rest in between practice sessions. Try practicing in shorter sessions, but make sure to have numerous practice sessions in a day. In doing so, you're gradually developing your skills while making it more efficient for your brain to remember what you just played.

Learn to play piano chords effectively with these 5 helpful memory-enhancing tips. Improved learning does start with determination and a sharp mind. - 32526

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